Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Change is not my favorite thing.  But life is change from the very beginning.  The most trouble I have with change is with our kids.  They are growing up so quickly.  We even have a beautiful granddaughter now, Lucy, who is a busy little bee and such a joy!  Her mama, Cheyenne, does a great job with her and is getting ready for that transition from baby to little girl!  Our Peyton is finishing her Junior year at Freed Hardeman University, and is going to be an amazing Elementary school teacher.  She has wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember, and does a great job at Bible teaching too!  Her love and understanding for special needs kids is so needed in an inclusive classroom, and I'm sure she will find that change from college student to teacher a very quick one!  Our Camille is studying Psychology at WKCTC, and is finishing her Freshman year.  She is very studious and although this last year has been a difficult one for her with her health, she is strong and resilient and making great grades! Chad, my husband has taken on a new job, and we really love it, he travels but is home much more than any of his previous jobs, and it's a blessing. 

Change is tough when the house is empty.  It's tough when things that were once a common day occasion are now the rarity, i.e. a family meal with everyone here!  But with that change, there are opportunities for things that can be more meaningful as we age.  I miss the day to day running, getting kids to school, therapies, activities, school extracurriculars.  That was certainly an age of meeting myself coming while I was going!! Now, things are much more purposeful.  A visit from my kids is much more special, a weekend where all are home together is planned well in advance.  How to spend my day is much more specific, more planned, much slower paced. 

So what do you do when things have changed so much?  What do you spend your time in?  It is a blessing to me to be able to study the Bible more.  I am involved in the Digging Deep Bible Study by Cindy Colley, it is a true challenge to be in the Word each month. If you don't participate in it, you should!  Also, preparing for VBS and our regular Ladies Bible Class study, and other extra reading that goes along with the sermon series at our congregation, it keeps me busy and in the Bible regularly.  It's a good change, to have more time to devote to that. 

When you are a mama with little ones, just being a worship alone is a great feat.  But it's enough, your children understand the value of worship, they know God is more important than a school activity or a ball game, or a TV show, because you stopped everything, and dressed them, and wiped their faces clean and took them to sing and pray and give and listen to His Word.  That in this day in time is an admirable mama.  Things will change, but when you've grounded them in the truth, they will grow to appreciate those times to worship.  Wednesday nights are a break for the soul from this world, and you will see your babies grow into teens that can sit there, and be refreshed by their teachers, and by participating in worship.  Its good. 

And when they grow up, and your time away from them grows bigger and they sit next to you in worship and sing with you and you see them love God...the change is all worth it.  The growth they have in the Lord is awesome.  You will draw strength from them, yes the same ones you had to feed cheerios to non-stop to keep them quiet.  They will remind you of the importance you placed in worshiping God, by the words they choose to encourage, by their meeting you there at worship, by their strength in difficult times, and those babies will be your Sisters in Christ who are helping you on your journey. 

I am blessed with my girls and my husband, and by having more time to study.  Change can be very good. In the years to come, I hope my time in the Word can help them through difficult times, and I know there will be great times too.  It's all part of being the older helping the younger, all through life's journey.  Titus 2:3-5. God is Good.

Monday, April 24, 2017


There are a LOT of people who have a LOT to say, nowadays it seems as though the most words are said by our televisions and not by people.  I myself am guilty of liking peace and quiet, and go some days all day long without saying very many words at all.  But what happened to conversation?  Most people walk around (or even drive) with a phone in their hands without saying one word out loud to an individual on the other end of the line.  Nope, we Text, we Snap, we Instant Message, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, each other.  There are words, but they are not expressed.  Emoji's have evolved to try to help deliver our true angst, delight, sadness, disgust, happiness, or how hard we laugh.  And I have to wonder what our future is going to be like for our children.

You can order everything you need online.  You never have to walk outside your door.  You can work from home. You can bank from home.  You can pay your bills online.  You can go to school online.  So outside of your home, there is very little you would HAVE to do, if you'd rather set your life up to be at home.

Yet, the Word says, "love your neighbor" Mark 12:31
and, "let him speak as the oracles of God" 1 Peter 4:11
and "let your speech be always with grace.." Colossians 4:6

So how many words do you speak that show love?  Do you know your neighbors?  Do you speak to them or visit them or do you even speak to or visit your friends?

How about speaking as the oracles of God?  Do you share the Word with others?  Do you talk to people about Christ? Do you read your Bible so you can share it?

Speaking with grace is tough sometimes, especially when people are hateful, or rude, or don't understand.  Yet, can you speak with grace to others?  Do you even spend any part of your day showing your appreciation for God and his grace to those around you?  Did you say ANYTHING to anyone today?

Sometimes I wonder what Emoji God would like to text us sometimes.  One thing is for sure, there is no excuse not to speak and engage and invest time in others.  Lots of times in our lives, family or friends consume and demand our time and attention.  That's understandable, I've been in that spot for a long time.  But when we have the opportunity to talk to others, show our love for others, share the Word with others and show God's grace through our actions and our words and we embrace that opportunity- think of what an IMPACT that can have on others.

People of the world these days are wrapped up in technology, tv, work, success, entertainment, etc.

THINK of how shocked and grateful, and impressed they could be if we just reached out and used the right WORDS.