Saturday, November 19, 2011

Food for Thought

November is National Epilepsy Awareness month, and on the 7th of this month, the birthday of our precious Caleb.  Many are aware of Epilepsy, of its existence, but beyond that- to really be compassionate towards those families dealing with Epilepsy, to help them, to be supportive of them- that is an even bigger goal.

During this season, it is difficult for many with Epilepsy or other disabilities who have food restrictions.

So many get togethers and holiday celebrations rotate around FOOD. 

For those with allergies, make sure and remove all ingredients from your home that could be a problem for any guests.  Reading labels is important.  And make sure you let others who are bringing foods to your gathering about any allergies.  This makes it so much easier for small gatherings.

For larger gatherings it is easier to make foods ahead of time and place them in serving size portions and freeze them individually.  Then you can take out SAFE FOODS as you need to in an individual size.

Our Caleb was on a gluten/dairy/yeast free diet as well as the Ketogenic diet (a modified dairy free version) for his health.  This was extremely difficult to follow but it was necessary to follow for Caleb's well being.  It was difficult to be part of Thanksgiving and Christmas...but I made ahead foods for him and always put them on the same plates that everyone else had. 

The hardest part was when we moved to tube feeds, for me. For the first several months we didn't eat anything around him and then later we were diligent at making sure his favorites were no longer in the house.  He adapted so well.  During holiday times we always made a quiet safe place for him to be with his favorite things.  Just being with him was the most rewarding think of that if you have a loved one who is unable to eat.  Just spending time with them is a blessing for them and for yourself.

Make the most of the holidays with your family and while the mountains of food will be present--don't let that keep you from being with each other and enjoying togetherness.

Those moments are the things to be most THANKFUL for.