Friday, November 11, 2016

What Our Future Requires

Today, with all the unrest in our country, the killings, the hatred, the rioting, the belittling of those who are different- (including Christians) it is time that we look at the root of all these things.  What causes people to disregard others feelings to be ugly to them?  What causes people to feel it is okay to destroy others property?  What causes people to hate other people? What causes people to think that killing an innocent person is okay?

One thing is lacking.  The RESPECT of others.  If you respect someone, you VALUE them.

Think about that.

If you value humanity, if you are taught to respect others:

  • You will strive to love others.  God tells us to love others.  He gave His Son to die for EVERYONE.  Everyone is worthy of His death, His sacrifice, His love.  We should love others as Christ loved us.  You know those people who run to save others, even at risk of their own lives, that's the kind of people we all should be.  We should find the good in every person, it's there- no matter how hard you have to look- we are all made in the image of God (Gen. 1:27)- GOOD is in there.  
  • We will value what we are given.  Things are temporal, they are all blessings.  God gives us everything of which we have need.  Matthew 6:26, He cares about us, he provides for us  When we understand this we would never destroy others property, steal, or complain about what we have.  We know God gives us all that is necessary to live a good, godly life.  (2 Peter 1:3-4).
  • You will value words.  You won't text hateful things. You won't use curse words, or take God's name in vain.  You won't attack people for believing in God, you won't attack people who don't.  You will show concern, you should share HIS WORD.  You will apologize if you hurt someones feelings, and you will try not to ever do it again.  You will forgive people when they hurt you.  You will strive to uplift, encourage and show other Christians that you appreciate them.  God gave us his written Word, it's important, words are important.  Choose wisely.
  • You will value life.  You will live in a way that shows that you understand the great creation of life.  You will understand that God gives life.  Job 33:4 "The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life."  He made each and every one of us.  
God gives us all the option to choose.  We don't have to live a good life of service to Him.  We don't have to read his Word.

We can hate, fill our lives with ugly words, look out for ourselves and no one else, cry and pout when we don't get our way, we can destroy others' property, we can steal, cheat, lie and kill.  We can, we can do all that and you know what?  God still loved our dirty terrible sinful selves enough to let his child DIE for us. The big problem most have is, they don't want to quit doing for themselves, they serve self.  They serve what "feels" good to them.  IF you serve God - you don't "DO YOU" you "SERVE HIM" - that requires you obeying His Word.

He DIED for you.  He valued YOU.  He respected YOU.  Turn away from hate.  Turn away from words that are vile.  Look to do for others.  Learn to cope with disappointment.  Take care of what God has given you. Share that with others.  Tell the truth.  Value LIFE.


Be the Blessing.

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