Monday, July 4, 2011


The Fourth of July used to be an anxious day in our home.  Caleb's first seizure was July 4, 2006, and every July after that he typically had a terrible increase of seizures that day.  But today, he is Free, and there is no anxiety, no run to the ER, no emergency medication, no pain, no seizures. 
Today, I am going to be grateful for that.  However, I will miss him not being here with us.  When he could still speak, he was 4 years old, and we went with our family to Disney World that Christmas.  His favorite thing was the Spectromagic Parade, and afterward they did the amazing firework display---Caleb would say "Look, Christmas", so from then on, fireworks were "Christmas" for him.  I would show him his card with fireworks on it, and every 4th I would tell him we would go to Aunt Ellen's and Uncle Jason's to watch "Christmas", sometimes, we would see a smile.  I hope he gets to see "Christmas" up in Heaven today. 
This 4th of July, I am thankful for my freedom, for my dear family and friends, for freedom to worship in this great country, for those who protect and defend us daily...but most of all, I am thankful to God for freeing Caleb from seizures and taking him home with Him.  He is safe, he is happy, he is FREE. 
Bless you all,

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  1. may his soul be at peace with God.he has given a fight and is an inspiration to many.may you all be happy and peaceful.hernia surgery Los Angeles